The price for Innovative Action of the year 2015 also for SLM

The Ministry of Economy honored Slovak companies for the ninth time. Twenty four companies have in the previous year been found interesting thanks to their innovative solutions. They were competing for the Award of the Minister of Economy in three categories – Product innovations, Technological innovations and Service innovations.

Slovak Legal Metrology organization appeared among the winners of the competition this year too. SLM received the price for successful 2nd place during the International Engineering Fair 2016 in Nitra. It was handed by the State secretary of the department Rastislav Chovanec. The award-winning idea of SLM in the category Service innovations is a draft of Metrological control of weighing equipment using “OVAH” application.

The “OVAH” application is now fully utilized at all five workplaces in Slovakia and it is used by 40 technical staff members. Its using has become easy with an attribute “user friendly” and modern application of tablets with touch control. The automated process brings not only efficiency, but also increases the quality, it automates calculations and evaluation, enables to document the process and provides the possibility to maintain consistency of published papers and many other unquestionable advantages. This innovative and original solution is truly unique even in comparison with the approaches used by the neighboring countries.


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