Machine vision

Machine vision in metrology helps digitize measured values, speed up the measurement process and eliminate the subjective influence of the engineers

Machine vision

Trivial tasks can be automated with machine vision. For instance, writing down the indicated value from the display unit of the measurement instrument is such a task. Digitization of measured values using optical character recognition (OCR) is the only correct choice, because the legislation determines the value displayed on the display unit as the authoritative for the payment. The variety of display units, ambient lighting and reflections from the display units define the high demands on OCR technology. A convolutional neural network with deep learning (e.g. Cognex ViDi Suite) seems to be the only appropriate choice.

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Intelligent image processing is a powerful tool and future trend in the field of legal metrology.

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Source: Cognex ViDi Suite

The digitized information is an input for expressing the measurement error and uncertainty, for the subsequent process of deciding on the result of the verification and for automatic generation of certificates.