Research and development strategy

Research and development based on the latest knowledge and discoveries of science and technology


The mission of the Slovak legal metrology, n. o. (SLM) is the permanent provision of high-class and affordable metrological services, ensuring the requirements of society, consumer protection and guaranteeing the accuracy and reliability of production processes at the required level in relation to producers. This vision can only be realized through the constant monitoring of trends in the field of metrology, use of progressive testing and calibration methods of measuring instruments, the modernization of laboratories and equipment based on the latest knowledge and discoveries in science and technology.

Research and development department

Research and Development department is focused towards applied research and uses the potential resulting from practical experience, requirements of practice and the competence of professionals supervising the quality of services performed in the organization.

The long-term research and development strategy is focused towards:

  • new services,
  • extension of the existing services,
  • streamlining provided services.

All activities are aimed at the development goal:

  • new devices,
  • methods of testing, calibration and verification of instruments, in conformity assessment.

Certificate of competence to carry out research and development

Since 2010, SLM is the holder of certificate of competence to carry out research and development, issued by the Ministry of Education.

Osvedčenie o spôsobilosti vykonávať výskum a vývoj

Activities of the research and development department

The activities of the department are in harmony with the long-term intention of the state scientific and technical policy, thus actively entering into state and European programs, with the aim of obtaining funds from the Structural Funds from the Operational Program Research and Development. An overview of projects is given in the section Science and Research.


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