Testing of measuring instruments

Testing of the measuring instruments through an accredited testing laboratory

SLM has own accredited testing laboratories for testing of non-automatic weighing instruments, water meters, active electrical energy meters, thermal energy meters, measuring systems for the continuous and dynamic measurement of quantities of liquids other than water, automatic weighing instruments, taximeters, material measures – capacity serving measures, exhaust gas analysers and personal dosimeters.

The scope of the test methods includes in particular testing according to harmonized European standards and OIML recommendations and is in line with the scope of competence of SLM product certification body.

Outputs from the testing laboratories are mainly used as a basis for product certification and conformity assessment of measuring instruments. Test results are also used by manufacturers or other interested parties to confirm prescribed technical parameters and requirements for the products, for instance within the production control system, control tests or prototype tests at the design stage, independent product quality verification, etc.

The testing laboratory services are complemented by services of SLM product certification body.

Scopes of metrological services provided- verification, calibration and testing of measuring instruments and standards specified according to the particular field of measurements can be found in part Calibration of standards and measuring instruments.