Calibration of standards and measuring instruments

Information about calibration of measuring instruments and competence of SLM to provide these tasks

Calibration of standards and measuring instruments

SLM carries out calibration of reference and working standards used for verification and calibration of measuring instruments, calibration of standards of other metrological laboratories and calibration of working measuring instruments used in various industrial branches.

The competence to carry out calibration

The competence of SLM to carry out the measuring instruments calibrations impartially and with full credibility was confirmed by the accreditation of its metrological workplaces and by flexible scope of accreditation by Slovak National Accreditation Service (SNAS) upon proving the fulfilment of STN EN ISO/IEC 17025 requirements as early as in 2002. After the re-accreditation of the metrological workplaces by SNAS in 2020, their competences are demonstrated also by the available certificate on accreditation Nr. K-100. Further information about accreditation are given in the part About Us Accredited Activities.

Scopes of provided metrological services

Scopes of metrological services provided - verification, calibration and testing of measuring instruments and standards specified according to the particular field of measurements.


L m3·h-1 Volume, flow rate



N N·mForce, moment of force

°C JTemperature

A Hz sElectric quantities, frequency, time

pH mol Physical and chemical quantities

HpOfficial measurements and dosimetry